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E. N. $11,210 Blackjack

K. G. $ 7,300 Roulette

G. P. $14,460 Keno

B. Y. € 7,340 Blackjack

L. S. $12,200 Joker Poker


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* January 2013 *

*Playing Short Stacked in Poker

Playing poker when short stacked limits your play but you must keep in mind that being short stacked does not mean you are about to get kicked out of the table. In fact there are certain advantages when you are playing short stacked. There are even players who were short stacked that were able to become the big bully and won the game. Sometime being short stacked makes you wary and careful of your betting and gives you time to make strategic plays and teach you patients as well.

It also does not mean that when you are short stacked you’re weak, this is total nonsense. It might be true if you are with a table full of beginners or people who are playing poker for the first time. But if you are able to get a full grip of what poker really is you will see that being short stacked has no difference in playing big stacked – except for the bullying of course.

The good thing about being short stacked is that players will treat you as nobody, well at least sometimes. When you rise, your opponents have a big chance of calling your bet. This is good timing especially if you have a sure winning hand. You can employ other strategies such as the check raise to lure your opponent to calling you raises, taking the pot in the end.

Being short stacked requires a lot of reading, you must read your opponent’s emotions, guess their cards, see if they will call your bet, etc. It is recommended that you play tight when you are short on chips. Only play those cards that you have a very good chance of getting the pot or stealing the blinds. You must be careful for being short stacked; you are prone in succumbing to the traps of other players as well. As mentioned only play those cards that you are sure to win for your opponents have a good chance of calling your bet even if you go all-in.

Being aggressive when short stacked is an option as well, but still you must be vigilant. Try to increase your chips by stealing the blinds. Work it slowly, in time you will be able to get on top of your opponents. Playing loosely will give your play an element of surprise when you are shorthanded or short stacked as well.

*Increasing your Winning Chances in Online Casino Games

To increase the odds in an online casino there are some simple steps players can take. Getting acquainted with the rules of play; avoiding Alcohol offered while playing; keeping away from making unnecessary bets; keeping calm during play; and resisting the urge to brag about your winnings are steps that will subsequently benefit you.

Players must ensure having firm grasp of the game rules for an easy win. Never suppose and take the game rules lightly as this could work against you. Visiting sites offering free trial games is a way of getting a hands-on feel of some online casino games. If they need a run-through asking the customer support will give a detailed explanation. They may well even be able to enhance their speed and concentration.

Free drinks are usually offered to land based casino gamers. This is actually a frontline weapon to lower the players’ chances of winning by lowering their defenses and concentration. Players can choose to enjoy their drinks after they have finished gambling. To increase the chances of winning they should simply say ‘no’ to the drinks offered.

Players are advised to know the amount they wish to wager beforehand upon playing casino games. If necessary they should note with pen and paper and monitor their bets and keep a mental count of how much they have actually spent. They should avoid making bets that are unnecessary to end the game. Upon getting additional bonuses with your winnings you should save those funds for the next game. Avoiding wasting money is unnecessary on games for they’re meant just for fun.

Players will sometimes get overconfident and lose out on winnings by excessively betting. They should keep a cool head and think all the moves even in an early winning streak, avoiding the ‘on a roll’ hype is to avoid losing out in the end.

In a land based casino players will notice a great number of different characters present and their malicious and unpleasantness. They should avoid bragging about their expertise and tricks of play to prevent being taking advantage of, especially for new faces that maybe will advance against you. They should also ensure adequate security and a competent cashier at the casino and secure there bankroll before exiting.

Gambling has been the downfall of many players especially those who just rely on luck. The above steps will promote effective and easy game play. It will ensure simple yet effective tricks that will increase the odds and chances of winning.

* December 2012 *

*Online Gambling Tips  

Some players use their hard earned cash to play at online casinos. With this in mind it is important to secure the safety of your money as well as your experience in playing by being familiar with rules and regulations of online casinos. Casinos either land based or online have the same mechanisms but also differ widely in some areas. Online casinos can be risky because you must know the background of the site to prove that it is legal and follows effective and secure transaction methods. When you are really sure of the site you must plan ahead regarding your budget before playing so that you are fully prepared. Being well managed with your money will give you an advantage during your playing experience. 

Money management must always be at the forefront of your mind. Setting limits on what amount you plan to spend and limits for when you are not that successful will help. It is advisable to set a specific amount for a certain type of game as a way of controlling your money. It is also suggested that you don’t spend the money that you have won, save it for another day. Always take the benefits of free casino games it is like a trial game so a player can know the rules of the game and his chances of winning or losing.  

Upon deciding which games you want to play and spend your money, payment transactions must be taken into consideration. A player must know the rules of the online casino site when it comes to paying winnings. There are some casinos that pay their players at a certain time or period. The amount to be paid must also be clearly shown to the players to avoid any confusion that sometimes may result in monetary problems. Knowing that the online casino site uses a legitimate payment methods of transactions is a safer way to ensure your money security.  

Lastly, the most important necessity for an online casino site is the availability of customer service to help the players whenever problems or other issues arise during their playing time. Questions must be answered swiftly for the convenience of the player. Looking through the frequently asked questions section on the website can also help you in your queries. Communicating with customer service of the online casino site must be convenient for the players like email addresses and telephone numbers. Once the problem is solved you can always go back to your game and continue with your gaming experience.

*How to Become a Professional Poker Player

Only a few people acquire the successful and professional poker capabilities while others try and never make it. Those who just try cannot be called professionals, they consider successful playing in the long-term difficult. As to trouble-free playing poker is not as easy as what players may first perceive. Poker players should follow some essential steps to achieve calling themselves professionals. First players are required to acquire the technical skills to be successful in the professional ring. Then players should use those skills by placing higher bets. Next they should deal with their emotional and financial fluctuations properly. Lastly players should place very high stakes and maintain them for at least six months.

The reason for avoiding these technical skills is that they cannot smartly and efficiently manage their bankroll. The use of aggressive bankroll strategies for winning poker is not that bad but should be taken care of. Players should try grabbing winning poker skills with high stakes and have the discipline in proper bankroll management to prevent money loss in a game.

Some players presume themselves as great poker players as they have numerous winning records in poker games at various online casinos. However when things go bad they will start compounding their bad run with any excuse they can think of other than themselves. Just like any other sport unless they did not experience massive disappointments in the past, they could not become experts or professionals in poker. In fact the best players don’t have permanent downswings; rather they try playing in a manner of overcoming it. Famous and top poker players observe their hands in two different sections. One section will display all of the hands for players earning massive amounts of money, while the other section is for the rest in which they have faced break even or lose for some time and after that the cycle will repeat.

Becoming a professional poker player is not as easy as it looks. Large numbers of people are not able to handle the stress of long stretches of break-even or losing. Playing poker is an easy task but what only matters is the proper strategy of players in placing their bets, handling stretches of break even or losing and acquiring skills to manage their bankroll in a smart manner. Players should realize to have frequent and many poker games is not just to become millionaires but to experience and learn new skills necessary to become a professional.

*Blackjack’s Hall of Fame

Most known sports integrated a hall of fame to encourage athletes to participate and to do better every time.  This is one way of recognizing players’ performance and to inspire other athletes to do the same or to surpass what the present hall of fame’s accomplishments.  In relation to this blackjack has its own hall of fame awards to acknowledge the players achievements and the games evolution in history.

It started in 2002 when famous gambling professionals had nominations for blackjack both professional and authors.  Twenty one of the experts were nominated for the Blackjack Hall of Fame, recognition and voting was done online for over a month. On January 2003 gambling professionals had their Blackjack Ball hosted by Max Rubin a famous blackjack author and announced seven winners to be part of the blackjack hall of fame.

The seven players were chosen based on their achievements as a result of the research conducted for the past ten years. It was discovered that Blackjack players who played in the brick and mortal casinos made more money because of their systemic strategies and intelligent decision making abilities.  Among the seven winner’s three professionals namely:  Ken Uston, Tommy Hyland and Al Francesco were voted for their blackjack excellently. The other four nominees namely:  Peter Griffin, Stanford Wong, Edward Thorp, and Arnold Snyder were all authors of a very popular blackjack game book about theories and strategies.

In 2004 two experts were added in the Blackjack Hall of Fame namely:  Keith Taft and Max Rubin.  Keith Taft who was in the media, was the one who started the hidden computerized devices helping the players to make maximum moves in the game.  Max Rubin on the other hand is a Blackjack game author.  The following year other experts joined the group namely:  Lawrence Revere and Julian Braun.  In 2006 the Blackjack Hall of Fame decided that they will be the one to induct additional blackjack experts and that only one player will be added in each succeeding year.

In 2006 James Grosjean was the youngest player ever to be inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.  Aside from being an author, player, and analyst he became popular when he filed a case against a number of casinos for hiring agencies to research about his past.  Moreover in 2007 John Chang the former manager of the MIT Blackjack Team joined the high society group of the Hall of Fame. 

In 2008 four additional members entered the group.  Most of the people questioned it because it was against policy but it was clearly explained that the new four members were part of a group called The Four Horsemen of Aberdeen and they were considered as one.

In 2009 Richard Munchkin a popular author and film producer became a member of this society.  Zeljko and Darryl both were professional players and were enlisted in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  This year’s latest addition to the Blackjack Hall of Fame is Ian Anderson.

* November 2012 *

*Increase Your Chances of Winning Bingo 

In the world at large Bingo is recognized as a game of chance. According to the people’s point of view the players have nothing to do with the winning or losing, instead it is merely a matter of randomized numbers.

Up to a certain degree it is true but still the players can take some actions and then execute them in the game to amplify the probability of winning.  Honestly speaking the suggestion can work really well for you if you want to abstain yourself from a willy-nilly game situation.

Always go for a well reputed site

It has been seen that bingo lovers prefer to play bingo on websites which have most frequent visits and have a fairly large amount of players. To be honest, there is no harm in that but you must make sure that you are aware of the rules and conditions of the website you are visiting. This is because each site offers its players with diverse benefits and detriments.

The optimal way to get your hands on the most favorable bingo venue is to ask your fellow players or to run a research on some particular bingo venues. Once you are done with that then evaluate them and choose the one that suits you. The basic objective behind asking so many people for your research is to hunt down the best possible option.

At times players do not seem to be happy with their chosen venue. One of the reasons behind their discontent can be the size of the venue. More players tend to play at the big venues which diminish the winning chances substantially. However if you win the prize amount will be a legitimate one. But if you would rather go for a comparatively lesser crowded venue then it will definitely increase your winning chances. However in that situation you will be playing for a relatively lower jackpot.

Bingo review sites! A valid source of finding the right site!

There are countless sites attainable over the internet that can help you in finding the right bingo site to play at. As the present number of options might not be so high, therefore this turns out to be the best way of finding the appropriate site. While finding the right site to play bingo there are two key things to look for. First is the likelihood of winning the jackpot and secondly is the assessment given regarding the percentage pay outs of that particular site.

As far as the original bricks and mortar casinos are concerned their reviews are published all over the internet. However if you talk about the bigger organizations it is easy to get the material on them from directly entering there name.  Still you might need to read through a lot of material in order to get the real idea about the particular bingo site.

Most important rule! Always take fewer cards

According to the experts the player must go for fewer cards while playing bingo.  It has been seen that the players in real bingo rooms do not take more than six cards and the ones who take more, most times seam to lose. The key thing to remember is that if you are playing at smaller sites, then it will be wiser to go for more cards as it will increase the chances of winning. However in case of larger sites it is always better to go for lesser cards.

*Precautionary Steps against Frauds in Online Casinos

Several paths could be followed to stop the misuse of online casino games. Because this kind of evil practices can de-motivate the other straight forward and efficient players to involve in this games so the necessity to stop this kind of misuse of scope should be prevented. It is really noticeable that a significant number of player are quiet honest about the offers though they could take better advantage from the procedure of those online games. Certainly taking bonus simultaneously against the main system really goes against the terms and policy of that game.

The alarming number using this practice could really dissatisfy the ethical players along the company revenue to downward shifting. Those online casino bonuses are really meaningful for those ethical players because they appear in exchange of huge hard work and perseverance. In addition a significant number of increments are not offered with several times as a result it really affects the satisfaction level of ethic followers.

Collecting data and detecting their movements are analyzed and noticed only to identify and remove those dishonest players from online casino games. Basically collecting station ID of those users is not that sufficient and proper to detect those players but that is really effective in terms of identifying what kind of strategy they are actually applying. During downloading of that game authorities try to detect information related to PC configuration including machine ID, internet service providers IP numbers and demographic information of PC rather interfering the personal information. It is quiet similar practice of online game corporations that they usually gather whole information about one user because it really helps them to prevent these users not to play from an other PC and using more than one account.   This kind of factors could really give relaxation to those ethical online gamers because at least those kind of detection are really preventing amateur frauds.

Certainly online casino games adopt several strategies and methods only to stop those fraudulent activities. Even if any user goes against this game policy authorities can easily identify those players. As it is mentioned earlier, authorities of that game usually try to collect PC related information, that doesn’t mean they are just indulging the privacy issues and facts. Even if it is challenged, they are requested to go through the company’s rules and regulations.

One thing should be kept in mind for both kinds of players, information that is collected from your PC are kept significantly confidential and safe.

*Places to go and Play Pai Gow Poker

One of the games in the casino that is tagged as a poker game but has originated in Asia is Pai Gow Poker. In this game, there are seven cards being dealt and it is governed by a specific set of rules. Both the person playing as well as the person dealing needs to have both a five card hand and a two card hand each. In order to win, the five card hand and two card hand both need a higher rank and the comparison is based on normal poker rankings.

In most online casino games it is only a matter of determining how much of a bet you want to place. This game not only involves putting on a bet and waiting to win. A player needs skill and learns how to strike a balance between both two and five hands so he can make the most of the chance to win. Barring that, he can aim for getting one of the hands at least. Pai Gow Poker can be found in almost all software that has online gaming. It always goes together with the casino game suites. It has also become popular to casino players due to the expertise needed to play the game. It may of even have surpassed the popularity of traditional casino games like baccarat or roulette. The question is where to go in order to play Pai Gow Poker, what is the best online site?

There are a number of online gaming software providers that offer Pai Gow Poker and each has their own promotions and bonuses offered for one reason or another. The players have to learn to choose between these numerous online gaming providers and determine which one will give them the best winnings. They have to options to register only at a certain online casino or register to different ones and have a choice of where to play at any given time. If you are registered to just one online casino, then you are limited to playing only at that site versus having a choice of different sites.

Although the rules and payouts for online Pai Gow Poker are mostly the same in all online casino sites, there are little distinctions that are not immediately noticeable. Some features are available to certain sites but not to others. One if these is called House Way. This is the ability of the software itself to split a player’s cards into two hands instead of the player doing it. Just like everything else, using House Way will give both good and bad results. But it is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing which online gaming casino to use. The good thing about House Way is it helps someone who is new to the game by providing the best way possible to split the cards. The bad thing is for people who are experts at the game and is playing it because they wanted to pit their skills with the software; the House Way removes the part where skill is needed. That is a big discouragement for talented players. But then, this feature is only an option and not a requirement. A player can maximize the use of the feature by mentally doing it first so he can use his expertise and then letting House Way do it for him. That will give him an idea of how good he is compared to the software.

There is a 5% commission for every winning in Pai Gow Poker. A $2 win will get a payout of $1.90. Some online casinos though have a minimum built in commission amount like 25 cents which is in a $1 win means 25%. They make up for it by getting the players to bet a minimum of $5 as a requirement.

Therefore players should look for online casinos for Pai Gow Poker that has House Way but does not have a minimum commission requirement.

*Online Roulette- Faces of a Dice

Gambling: It’s Time for Your Math!
Do you have a favorite online roulette game? Do you want to know the chances of getting your best combination? If you want to know which spot to place your bet on, you should know the concept of probability. As explained by Wikipedia, the Probability Theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with the analysis of getting an event to take place. It is a theoretical preposition that is mostly used by online casino gamblers to get higher chances of winning. Showing it in a formula, it will be:

For instance, there are 7 cards laid down: 4 are red and 3 are blue. The question is, “What is the Probability of Drawing a Blue Card?” Using Probability, it will be - therefore as shown by the probability theory, there is a 42.8% of getting the desired outcome that you like.

You’re Gambling Money
Gambling has been a part of society since the first civilization. When we talk about gambling, money always comes along as its shadow. There is nothing wrong in spending your free time enjoying yourself in a great online roulette gambling site. The important thing, especially when engaging in online real-money games is the ability to manage your gambling money. First things first: Do not ever think of borrowing money just to play. Using money from outside your own pocket is the cardinal sin in gambling. It is always better to play online roulette or any other online gambling for that matter with only your own money. Yet still you should set the maximum amount that you can afford to lose. Immediately quit playing after losing that amount and never try to chase your losses. Remember, an online casino is the same as a conventional land based casino it will always be there and open on your next visit. Therefore, never try to find all your luck in a single gambling game.

The Quicksand in Gambling
Helping someone who gambles is not easy. It can be hard trying to make them understand that they need some help.  Compulsive gambling or gambling addiction is an impulse-control disorder that disrupts both the life of the gambler and the people around them. People suffering from compulsive gambling cannot keep from betting even though they know that continuing to wager at an online roulette game or even in a conventional one will make their situation worse. Constant uplifting communication with the person who has a problem is a significant start to help someone with a compulsive gambling disorder. Strong statements containing “you must” or “you should” need to be avoided too for this will create a negative obligatory connotation for someone who has the problem. You should seek help from professional organizations to help someone with a gambling problem.

*Magic Three Card Poker

Are you a smart gambler and you desire to play two games in one? Then the Three Card Poker offers you the rare opportunity. It is real that this is a two in one occurrence.  How is it? Three almost tiny cards and two games in hands. This is heaven for a gambler. So let’s quickly get down to business and explore Three Card Poker.

Three Card Poker exposes you to two options of betting: “Ante and Raise” which is formally referred to as “Ante and Play”. The gain of this is that you can outdo the dealer using three consecutive poker values on the three cards.

“Pairplus” aka “Pair Plus” hinges on the wager that your three cards may have a value that is higher than a pair or settle at a pair at least. Apart from being simple in style, three card poker is a game of utilizing socialization because there are no opponents as such.

Let’s talk about the betting circles. There exist three betting circles in Three Card Poker. From the bottom we have two circles that belong to the Ante and Play. The top circle then belongs to the Pair Plus stage. With this unique feature a player can decide to play a single part of the game or both. In order to play both games you have to bet in both the Pair Plus circle and ante circle before commencement of the game.

At the start of the game, the dealer passes the set of three cards to the participants. Depending on how good the cards are looking, you can decide to opt out of the game aka “fold out” or proceed to bet in the circle. If a player does not fold out, the dealer is at liberty to reveal their hand.

Winning the game is achieved by having a better hand than the dealer. The dealer carries the day if he is in possession of a Queen or higher. Failure on the part of the dealer means that a refund of the bet is given together with an even amount on the Ante circle. The worst case is when the dealer carries the day. In such a case you lose both the play bet and the Ante. The win-win scenario is when a tie arises. This means that the dealer automatically loses. Why this way? The presence of three cards means that Three Card Poker is played with different hands. A Straight flush arises when three cards in sequence arise. This does not depend on the suit. When the cards are from the same suit then a Flush arises. The Pair and the High card follow the list at the bottom respectively.

The other play type is the pair plus which requires any pair or higher to outdo the dealer. Higher payouts in this play arise from better hands. For example, a bet of $10 magically turns into $400. The case of a Pair may generate even more currency.

The bonus stage forms the last play. A funny characteristic of a “True bonus” is that you don’t have to input more money on this bet. Your struggle should be to get a Straight, a Straight flush and extra payout will be yours. Better payouts accompany better hands is the overriding statement in this stage.

Is it not a pretty game? A whole world of winning opportunities. Why don’t you bet yourself against the whole house and not only a single table?

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